mercredi 25 janvier 2017

Today's note

 A quote i found on Teresa Robinson's blog in her last blogpost :

"When our"fight or flight" response is in charge, humility, compassion, forgiveness and the vision of a beloved community do not stand a chance. Learning how to hold life's tensions in the responsive heart instead of the reactive primitive brain is key to personal, social and cultural creativity."Parker J.Palmer.

And some beautiful blogs you will perhaps be pleased to go to:

- Wake Robin , Velma Bolyard's blog,  A world of paper and beauty. Perhaps it is me, but i find that paper, especially handmade paper radiates kind of peacefulness.

-Penny Berens's blog Tanglewood Threads one of the places where i find comfort among pictures of nature and embroidery . P.Berens's last project with embroidered pebbles litterally fascinates me. I have not found out exactly why but looking at her embroidered pebbles, i felt something like a strong and peaceful energy emanating from her work. I don't know if this makes sens but i find no better way to express my feeling.

Fog this morning in my corner of the world and a pale sun this afternoon. For once, we have "real" cold. I hope you have some warmth where you are. 

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