lundi 23 janvier 2017

All together

It was beautiful to see all the people walking together everywhere in the world in solidarity with the women's march in th U.S. People care for other people's rights and well being and that's big and  encouraging.When i looked at the photos  and videos of the marches, i was amazed by how peaceful and joyful the participants were;many, many signs read "love", "peace","empathy" and there was a lot of humorous ones too. This capability to respond to hatred and extremism with a peaceful dignity is the sign that the awakening of consciousness is taking momentum at this time.

"Challenges are here to awaken you and even if you're awakening, life continuously gives you challenges and then the awakening accelerates and deepens." Eckhart Tolle. Thank you Eckhart! Let's roll our sleeves up.

May you feel safe and at ease where you are, may you have good friends with whom to share laugh and love!

3 commentaires:

  1. un petit dessin tendre. Thank you for your light Jeanne-Sylvie.

  2. Thank you lorraine!! i didn't know you speak french. Your words correspond exactly to what my drawing tries to express. The world is so terribly in need of softness and love.Take good care of you and your kitties. I send my best thoughts your way my dear.

  3. Actually I don't "speak" French, but I try to un petit peu :) Let us bring softness and love each in our own way. <3