mercredi 18 janvier 2017

Sharing beauty

Sharing stuff wich can uplift other people's spirit is important, especially when there is darkness and heaviness in many places of our world but not only.To me, beauty is necessary as a nourishment for the soul ,seeking for it around me is  a discipline and a life saver in difficult moments .It is why i decided to share links with you each time i read and see beautiful things on a blog.

The first link will lead you to Catherine Drea's website; she is an irish photographer and her pictures are breathtaking. Each time i visit her blog, i am in awe. She captures the essence of  what she photographies, and the light, the light!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The second blog is Kim Andersen's, Art in red wagons, where  she shares beautiful pictures, words and art. Just a picture and some words thoroughly choosen and a piece of poetry appears.

I will let you for now , be well.

May your soul be light

May your nights be peaceful

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