dimanche 15 janvier 2017


ARTifacts is Seth Apter's new collaborative project, here is his definition:
"ARTifacts(plural noun): a collaborative project for 2017 documenting adventures in Art." 
You will find all the details here
When i read Seth's blogpost about ARTifacts i knew it would be a great opportunity to focus more on my creative work ; through documenting i realized i would probably find momentum more easily and would tend less to procrastinate. And curiously it corresponded to an idea that poped-up in december wich consisted in creating kind of a mixed media book of the year where i would take notes about my creativity.

Couple of weeks later, i abandoned the idea of the book for a box and some old cards; the idea is to use two upcycled cards to create a small file  for each month and in this file i will add some pictures of my monthly creations and a tag for journaling.Here are some pictures of the process:

The very beginning, a cardboard box and old cards about plants.

After some layers of black gesso:

The old cards before and after: on the left  a card before sanding and on the right  a card after sanding.

The front of a card in process: I sanded the card then inked with different colors and collaged squared paper and Washi tape. 

This is the inside of the card: i pasted paper i had sprayed with Cosmic Shimmer inks  and some Distress inks.
. When i pondered about participating to ARTifacts, i knew i had to find a way to keep going during the whole year, so my rules are clear: "make it simple and use only the techniques i like most" and i think that if i stick at these rules, i shouldn't have to much trouble staying in the flow.
I love this project, THANKS Seth  Apter!!!

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  1. Dear Jeanne-Sylvie, I've read all 4 of your posts today. In fact, I've gone through all your past posts and browsed a chunk of your Flickr posts. If only we all walked our talk, committed to creating, peace in ourselves and compassion for all as you have. Your voice shall be heard. This is your year to be "visible"! I look forward to your documentation. <3

    1. Thank you dear friend! I am firmly determined to express myself and help make the world a better place in my own way , with my humble means.Thanks a lot for your kind words! Take care .