lundi 2 janvier 2017

New year wishes

One more time i am so grateful for the existence of the internet wich allows me to spread good wishes and words of peace . I don't know what awaits our dear Gaïa during this new year but i hope humankind will awake to more wisdom, tolerance, peace of mind and yes, more love and i am firmly determined to do my share and bring peace and gentleness around me as much as i can. It can seem insignificant regarding the issues on this planet but i know deep inside me it is not. Every effort counts, every act of kindness has an impact, every moment of  inner awakening has a ripple effect probably much more important  than we can imagine. So, i raise my cup of tea to 2017 and to all of you, blogger friends , may this year be soft for you and your loved  ones .

To begin this new year i decided to join in 30 Days of Gratitude initiated by Louise Gale , mixed media artist , well known for her work with mandalas but not only. 30 Days of Gratitude is a free event and every day, Louise Gale generously sends us prompts to ponder about; today's prompts were about our environment and why we can be thankful for it. As you can see in the picture above, i live in a beautiful and peaceful part of the french countryside and as an introvert and hypersensitive person, it is the perfect environment for me; i find in it all the silence and loneliness i need and i can contemplate nature to my soul's content.

To continue with gratitude, i decided to write regularly about the blogs i love to read,  and this will be my way to thank these bloggers whose posts brought me so much inspiration, pleasure, comfort , wisdom and knowledges, 
I begin today with my absolute favorites:

Artist Katherine Dunn's blog, she shares here her art and life on her farm called Apifera and her chronicles are a pure delight. K. Dunn doesn't only make beautiful paintings, she is a great story teller and photographer and she rescues many animals, especially elders, which is why she is so dear to my heart too. Apifera farm this way!

Second favorite rendez-vous: Enchanted Blue Planet, a lovely and peaceful blog hold by a sweet canadian artist who shares her wisdom, beautiful pictures of her environment, her art and her two adorable cats, Muji and Babu.Mrs Edwards (i coudn't find her  first name) has a gift to share  things with simplicity and kindness and she is one of these beautiful and wise persons who know  to appreciate  the small things of life, and that's why i love her blog so much.So, if you don't know her blog, it's right here .

A long time favorite,Seth Apter's blog The Altered Page. Not only is Seth Apter an important artist of mixed media art  but he is also a gentleman, an example of courtesy and kindness. I rarely dare to let a comment on the blogs i read but i did  once on his blog and i was amazed by his gentle answer. Generosity is another of his qualities : he  has been promoting other artists' work  sharing links in a weekly post for years and he shares a lot of excellent material in his blogposts.
Thank you for all you do  for art dear Seth Apter!

Last one for today, artist Diana Trout's blog. Diana is one of the most friendly person i have met on the internet!!She is generous, funny, authentic, truly a great lady of  the mixed media world.She is the kind of person who doesn't hesitate to show her mistakes and laugh about them with simplicity. Just hearing her laugh could make your day, trust me!She regularly makes great videos where she shares ideas, advices and excellent reviews about products. Diana's blog Here!

I  hope this very long post didn't bother you too much, i give you my word, i rarely talk so much!
Thanks a lot for reading !! 

4 commentaires:

  1. My dear Jeanne-Sylvie, how honoured I am by your acknowledgement and the esteemed company that you have included me in. This has never happened to me online before as I blog in what I thought was relative obscurity. I share your feelings on so many levels and am delighted to have found your soulful blog and thank you for expressing so well our shared intention for a world of kindness. I hope this year unfolds in peace and compassion with lots of joy sprinkled in for us all. xx

  2. It is such a joy to get in touch with like minded persons!! Blogging is a gift that allows such encounters and no matter how many people will read our posts, i believe in synchronicity and i am sure the one who needs to read them will find them. I send you my best thoughts dear Mrs Edwards.

  3. How kind of you to mention me and my blog - I read about your very difficult many losses. I had losses too, and like you said above in a post, added on with [in my opinion] a very depressing and scary global can be hard. Very hard. But like you, nature and landscape are what somehow gives me hope, even for spurts.

    1. I totally share your opinion on the "scary global picture" but there is always hope and it sometimes come in very surprising ways.We'll see! Be well!