dimanche 15 janvier 2017

Handmade book

I am fascinated by handmade books, especially the small formats. One of the things i like more about handmade books, is the possibility to upcycle stuff to create them. I began one, couple months ago, with what i had at hand: the covers were made with an Amazon book packaging and the images were among  scraps on my desk. The result is quite strong because i was in one of my black/red and white phases.
This is the front cover, the circle is cut in wrapping paper.

Below, inside of both back and front covers.
This last picture is the back cover.
The dimensions are 12X15 cm, not the smallest book i have done but a comfortable size for me to work with. There are still some blank pages in it, let's see if i can fill them up during this year.
I wish you a lot of good moments of creative work.

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