samedi 19 novembre 2016

Peace is the way

Last week was hard for many of us, especially  those living in the USA, but even if i am not an american citizen, i was under shock when i read the news. It took me a while to go beyond sadness and discouragement but i am on board again and i know that even if there is little i can do, i will do it. I will do my share with determination because i don't want to look at  the world we all live in sink in darkness without doing all i can. I believe in peace, kindness, compassion, respect and love and  I know we all have enough inner resources to make the world a better place all together. All we need is a peaceful mind and an open heart ,  they are the fertile and easily available ground we need to grow seeds of hope, light and creativity. It is why i consider my spiritual practice  more important than ever and i see my task to spread peace around me more sacred than ever. This is where i find light and hope because i know deep within me that peace is infectious and it is known too that all brains are connected, scientists have proved it, so what are we waiting for? Let's spread peace and work peacefully to make the world a better place ALL TOGTHER.
For those of you who are sad or don't find peace and hope, i collected beautiful blogposts that flowered on the internet as an answer to despear and fear and i want to share them with you because they brought me a lot of comfort and hope in humankind. Here they are:

First one is Seth Apter's, a great artist and such a kind spirit.

Mary Jane Dodd , so much wisdom in her words!

Kathryn Dunn, great artist  very dear to my heart as an animal lover.

Kelly Rae Roberts who founded   the beautiful movement #Artistsforlove with some kindred spirits.
The idea is to use one of your art work to call for love and tolerance,  Every creation can be downloaded  for free . You'll find my participation below.

I hope you will find some light in these readings and i will do my best on this blog to spread peace and positive thoughts in my humble but sincere way because i care about you all my friends.
I will end for today with this beautiful mantra OM SHANTI OM  (I radiate peace).
See you soon!