mercredi 22 février 2017


End of february, it's time for a post about ARTifacts, Seth Apter's project that will last during the whole year.
I am done with the box that will hold the files i use to document my creative life . Last month i showed you the first steps of the transformation of the cardboard box, here is the result:
Front :
I used handmade stamps and metallic paints. Below, the file and the tag where  i write about my creative experiences of the month.
 First, january file .Front cover

The insides

The january tag 

For february i used the same system of file and tag, but i added to the file some photos i made during the month; some landscape pix and others of the sewing project of february, small hearts i cut in white fabric.

For the technics, i used collage, Masking Tape, inks and metallic paints.
Back cover
February tag
I really enjoy documenting my creative work and i noticed it  has an impact on my inspiration and i tend to procrastinate less since i began to work at this project.
Seth Apter posted on his blog photos the participants sent him. If you would like to see the pictures it is here. You won't see my work, i haven't sent him any pictures yet because the box was not finished.
I am a bit of a slow worker.
May you be peaceful and at ease.

samedi 11 février 2017

30 Day journaling Project

11th of february already! It is time i show up and give some news  of what's going on on the norman front. After a quite difficult month of january with some personal stressful issues, february began softly and brought its lot of solutions and happy endings and even some nice surprises (sigh of relief!) including , guess what?......Some snow! Rare enough in this part of the world to be seen as a real treat! Of course it didn't last  but anyway, i had the pleasure to discover the field blanketed in snow this morning and it made my day.

This year i registered again to 30 Day Journaling Project by Lisa Sonora. Every day some prompts arrive in my email box  to ponder about ; it is an excellent way to avoid the blank page anxiety and at the same time  taking a moment every day to answer one or more of the prompts can create a discipline . To do so i made myself a small book .
This is the front cover, made in an upcycled book packaging. It ended more busy than i wanted but i like it anyway. techniques used: Stamping,collage : dried flowers, images from old book and some drawings . Gesso, acrylic paint and inks for the background.

Front cover with a handmade "ribbon". I like to make "ribbons" with strips of an old white bed sheet. In general i put paint and stamping on them but this time i sewed just a line of black stitches, the cover was busy enough.

I made the signature with a paper lightly  yellowed with age and in the corner i pasted birds photocopied in black and white; i made pale copies and used colored pencils to give them an ancient feel  not visible on the photo  alas.

This is the back cover.
In case you would like to join in, you can still do it and here is a link to an excellent blog post by Lisa Sonora "How to start journaling- 3 things that make your writing easier".

I hope you're having a nice week end where you are, thanks for visiting.

vendredi 10 février 2017

My Love Keeps Me Warm | KarmaTube

My Love Keeps Me Warm | KarmaTube

Love is all the world desperately needs at this time!! Take the time to look at this beautiful video, you won't regret it!

May you be happy, may you be loved.