vendredi 6 janvier 2017

Come for a walk!

When i got up this morning , every inch of the landscape was frozen ! Absolutely magic! So, breakfast was quickly swallowed and off i went to take photos!!
The landscape in this part of Normandy is very soft, with beautiful hills so pleasant to the eyes and this morning, whitened by the frost, the countryside was sublime.
I began my walk with this narrow path and i don't know how much time i stayed there taking one picture after another.

Close-ups are my favorite photos ,i couldn't resist taking loads of them.

I hope you are not too cold because i have some more pictures to share!
Pale colors everywhere , even the barbed wire is beautiful covered in frost.
 It is difficult to express how much i love this landscape, so peaceful. I have been living here for years and the more i live here the more i love this place.

I owe frosty pickets some of my best moments of contemplation, when i begin to take photos of them, i forget everything.

No need to say that i came back home chilled to the bones, but feeling so good, so joyful. My bond with nature is very strong, i absolutely need to live close to it , but i think you already guessed.
I hope you too live in a place where you feel very good and I wish you a comfortable and peaceful day!

4 commentaires:

  1. Magnificent photos Jeanne-Sylvie! Thank you for taking me with you. :)

    1. I am glad you enjoyed my pics! You too took me to so many beautiful walks in your gorgeous country!! I remember one of your blogpost with superbe photos of the sky and your pictures of snow delighted me too, snow is so rare around here. Take care dear.

  2. Tres jolie! Absolutely stunning views - I love the frosty tunnel through the hedgerow especially!

    1. Thanks a lot Kim!! I am glad you enjoyed the walk!!
      have a peaceful week end.