samedi 7 janvier 2017

My words for this new year

Choosing a word for the year is something i usually don't do but at the end of december while pondering about  this new year and making plans, the word "visible" came to my mind. That was it! I wanted to be more visible and that's a lot for me because as a hypersensitive person i tend to hide more than to attract attention. But to my great surprise, i feel  capable to be visible wich mainly means to be more present on the internet, write regularly on this blog, participate to some events and dare to let comments on the blogs i read. It can seem very little but for me it is a huge progress and i think this is the benefit of focusing on  my spiritual practice during the past year.

 As for many people, 2016 has been a very difficult year for me: my father's illness,and the loss of my three very old and beloved cats( two of them died in january and the third one in november)made this year a terribly painful one.Add to this the international situation with a regular lot of bad news and you get the picture of a globally dark year.
But inspite of  moments of discouragement and  days of depression, i held on to my spiritual practice and made it my first goal during the year and it worked. I begin this year with a peaceful mind,  and for the first time in my life, some confidence in myself. That should be enough to make this new year an interesting one don't you think so?

 I am done with  my first word, but there is a second one: "concentrate" and i owe this one to an excellent blogpost written by Teresa Robinson aka Stargardener "Concentrate on one thing" . No more fluttering, i want to concentrate on one project at a time! Thank you Teresa!!

What about you dear readers, did you choose a word for the year? Here are two  very interesting blogposts on this topic:

First one by  Lise Lamoreux  of the blog "Be Present Be Here" ,she chose "Attention"

Second post by Carole Leslie of  Zendotstudio , she has choosen several words , Being is one of them, i let you discover  the others in her brilliant post.

I will finish this post blogger friends , with a quote i chose in E.Tolle's book "A New Earth" :
" Knowing yourself is to be rootedd in Being, instead of lost in your mind."

Thanks for visiting.

2 commentaires:

  1. Well, I am back a third time with no word to offer, smitten by your exquisite photography, resonating with your words. This year will blossom for you.

  2. Thank you so much!!!!!! For once, i have a good feeling about this year, let's see!