mercredi 19 avril 2017

Hello hello!

April is quite over and i didn't take time to wave at you. I was taken in a whirlwind of  activities and decisions to take because of my aging parents, the coming months are going to bring so many changes in our family, and most of them are hard to accept.Plus there is so much to do in the garden, and i had not  much energy to face all this, so time passed and here i am, a bit under the weather i acknowledge.
Spring is here, full of bird songs and flowers but  after a warm beginning the temperatures are now really cold even if  most days are sunny. Perfect weather to work in the garden in fact.
And every day i have some lovely visitors:
This funny woodpecker:

I am particularly happy with this picture, it is the first time i can photography a jay, they are so shy!

Hiding in the branches.

If you look carefully, you will see its mate, hidden behind the leaves.I was so happy to photography them together! 

I can't resist to share some pictures of flowers with you, they bring me so much joy!
The wisteria, one of the first splendor of spring.

This white rhododendron bush in my mother's garden, white flowers always move me, don't know why.

There is so much beauty and mystery in the heart of a flower.
I  hope spring brings you warmth and a renewed energy and i wish you all peaceful and happy moments wherever you are.

2 commentaires:

  1. Hello my dear Jeanne-Sylvie. I understand now how difficult this time has been for you. It is hugely transitional, all the more stressful being people you care about, as well as how it impacts your own life. Do you need to "talk"? I'm at I enjoy your local nature pictures, seeing the native birds and flowers is a treat. I hope you can take sustenance from your photography and other creativity to stay centred. Trust yourself. X

  2. and we talked and it feels so good to feel understood. Thank you so much my friend!!